16-pc Spring Tulip

For all Mom does for you, she deserves only the best! This luxurious collection includes an assorted variety of hand painted confections lovingly made in Longmont, CO. May include our award winning Heart of Gold, Triple Threat, Vanilla Mango Paradise, Grand Marnier, Tahitian Night, Bailey's, Red Velvet, Whiskey Caramel, our award winning Bubbly, Strawberry Buttercream, 2 Thumbs Up, or Meyer Lemon/Lime. *Selections may vary depending upon stock

*Contains alcohol. If preferred, may be made alcohol free. Please email with request.

Please order by Monday, May 6th for USPS. Local orders accepted until May 8th, to be picked up by May 9th. NO deliveries on Mother's Day. Items will be mailed the week of May 6th, unless otherwise specified. If you would like a card enclosed, please email or let us know what you'd like us to write in the note section of your order

***During warm weather months, please add on Warm Weather Shipping from the store. This includes Cool Shield bubble wrap and cold bricks or packs. If this option is not chosen, we cannot be responsible for damage from heat.***



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